Peppercon AG  (2000-2004)

In 2000 Peppercon AG in Zwickau was incorporated as a specialist for PC server remote management technology. The original claim of the company was „Keep Systems Running“ .  The most famous product of Peppercon from this time was the first manufacturer-independent remote management board called eRIC.

Peppercon AG – a Raritan Company (2004-2007)

The company was financed by the largest European VC fund 3i out of London. In 2004 the fund and the founders sold their shares to Raritan Inc. in Somerset/New Jersey . The company became “a Raritan company” now focussing on embedded technology for remote management. The by far most famous products of this time where the embedded KVM module KIM and the first integrated KVM over IP management ASIC KIRA 100.

Raritan Deutschland GmbH 

In 2007   Peppercon was merged with the German operation of Raritan and renamed into Raritan Deutschland GmbH.  The brand name was discontinued. Raritan itself was acquired by the Legrand Group in 2015 and is now “a Legrand company”.

Peppercon GmbH (from 2016)

In 2017 Peppercon GmbH was founded , acquired the brand name and the internet domains and acts now as invest company for angel investments.